Bethlehem Lutheran Church began in 1948. By 1956 the church had grown to over 400 members when Pastor Arden Malotky accepted the call to shepherd Bethlehem. In 1967 a new church was built across the parking lot from the old one. Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, the Lutheran Hour speaker preached at the Dedication service.

In 1972 a new constitution was adopted providing a Board of Directors and granting women the right to vote. In 1986 a new Rodgers Salzburg pipe organ was dedicated.

In 1991 Pastor David Buuck became pastor. In 1998 a new addition was built as the church celebrated its 50th anniversary that year.  Some of the youth of Bethlehem attended National Youth Conventions in New Orleans, Orlando and San Antonio.

Pastor Buuck retired in 2012 and Pastor Disney arrived in 2013. The church started the Ephrathah Gallery, showing the art of regional and national artists with about four shows a year. In the last year the original first building that was Bethlehem was sold to the Montessori Pre-school.